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In today’s world of processed foods and supermarkets, there is an increased interest in knowing where our meals comes from. With this, the popularity of farm-to-table is also on the rise, encouraging the growth of farming initiatives. In the re-birth of Detroit and the increase of agriculture, Michigan produce and products have become more prominent than ever. Taking my love for these products and cooking I created the series “Local Food” that encompasses all of that.​

A dish, as many are coming to understand, should be more than just food on a plate. The acts of preparing, cooking, and eating should evoke memories, convey a sense of emotion, and bring people together. Food is something that every person can connect and relate to. In the series “Local Food,” every ingredient has come from local sources such as urban, community, and family farms. Using these, I have prepared each dish, styling, plating, and taking a closer look and documenting where our ingredients are cultivated. The meals I have made come from local outlets, and the final dishes showcase the work that goes into sourcing each ingredient, paying homage to the quality of regionally sourced produce.  


Being connected to where your ingredients are sourced, ensures the quality of what you eat and supports the regional economy. This series opens up conversation on where our meals come from, and questions our perception and support of locally grown food.

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